Architectural Desktop 5 Development eGuide
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ADT Tools and Settings
Tried and True Methods

Site Map
Basic Interface Concepts
Options and AEC settings
Getting Started

P1 - Display
AEC Setup Access
Dwg Setup Dialogs
Setting Displays
Display Management
Object Style Management
Materials Overview
Classifications Overview
Object Display Props
Display Properties Dialog
Customizing and Tricks

NEWP2 - Layers
Command Access
Layer Manager and Keys
Objects and Layers
Layer Manager
Layer Standards
Layer Key Styles
Customizing and Tricks

NEWP2.5 - Projects
Projects - Overview
Project Browser
Project Navigator
Defaults and Templates
Sheet Sets
Full Project Template
Customizing and Tricks

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P3 - Walls
Command Access
Importing Wall Styles
Adding Walls
Wall Properties
Convert to Walls
Priorities, Cleanup Groups
Wall Style Properties
Wall Display Properties
Wall Problems
Customizing and Tricks

P4 - Wall Tools
Command Access
Wall Modifiers
Wall Endcaps
Wall Helpers
Wall Tools

P5 - Curtain Walls
Curtain Walls Access
Style Loading
Adding Curtain Walls
Converting to Curtain Walls
Modifying Curtain Walls
Curtain Wall Styles
Display Properties
Design Rules - Basics
Design Rules - Detailed
-----Curtain Wall Units------
Curtain Wall Units
Customizing and Tricks

P6- Openings
Command Access
Style Loading
Style Properties
Display Properties
Modify Assemblies
Styles Properties
Assembly Display Props
Design Rules - Elements
Customizing and Tricks

P7- Stairs/Railings
Stairs - Railings Access
Loading Stair Styles
Adding Stairs
Adding U-shaped Stairs
Adding Multi-landing Stairs
Adding Spiral Stairs
Adding Straight Stairs
Modifying Stairs
Stair Styles
Stair Display Properties
Stair Winder Styles
Customizing and Tricks
Loading Railing Styles
Adding Railings
Modifying Railings
Railing Styles
Railing Display Properties
Customizing and Tricks

P8 - Roofs/Roof Slabs
Roofs - Roof Slabs Access
Adding Roofs
Modifying Roofs
Roof Display Props
Customizing and Tricks
-------Roof Slabs-------
Loading Roof Slab Styles
Adding Roof Slabs
Modifying Roof Slabs
Roof Slab Styles
Roof Slab Display Props
Customizing and Tricks
------Roof Slab Edges------
Roof Slab Edge Styles
Customizing and Tricks

P9 - Roof Slab Tools
Roof Slab Tools Access
Trim, Extend, Miter and Cut
Add and Remove Vertices
Holes, Add, Subtract and Dormers
Customizing and Tricks

P10 - Slabs + Tools
Slabs and Tools - Access
Loading Slab Styles
Adding Slabs
Modifying Slabs
Slab Styles
Slab Display Props
--------Slab Edges--------
Slab Edge Styles
--------Slab Tools--------
Trim, Extend, Miter and Cut
Add and Remove Vertices
Holes, Add and Subtract
Customizing and Tricks

NEWP11 - Spaces
Spaces - Access
Loading Space Styles
Adding Spaces
Modifying Spaces
Convert To Spaces
Generate Spaces
Space Styles
Space Database Info.
Space Boundaries
Customizing and Tricks

P12 - Grids
Grids - Access
Adding Column Grids
Modifying Column Grids
Grids - Display Props
Annotating Column Grids
Customizing and Tricks
------Ceiling Grids------
Adding Ceiling Grids
Modifying Ceiling Grids
Ceiling Grids - Display Pops
Customizing and Tricks

P13 - Str. Members
Members - Access
Loading Member Styles
Adding Members
Modifying Members
Converting to Members
Member Styles
Member Display Properties
Member Catalog
Customizing and Tricks

P14 - Elevations
Elevations - Access
Adding Elevation Lines
Modifying Elevation Lines
Elev Line - Display Props
Creating Elevations
Modifying Elevations
3D Elev - Display Props
2D Elevation Styles
Elevations - Materials
Customizing and Tricks

P15 - Sections
Sections - Access
Adding Section Lines
Modifying Section Lines
Sect Line - Display Props
Creating Sections
Modifying Sections
3D Section - Display Props
2D Section Styles
------Live Sections------
Creating Live Sections
Modifying Live Sections
Customizing and Tricks

P16 - Design Content
Design Content - Access
Adding Design Content
Modifying Design Content
Design Content - Display
Customizing and Tricks

NEWP17 - Documentation
Documentation - Access
Adding Content
Modifying Content
Properties of Content
Creating Content Symbols
Modify Existing
AEC Content Wizard
Customizing and Tricks

P18 - Schedules
Schedule - Access
Load Sched. Table Styles
Adding Tags
Modifying Tags
Schedule Data
-----Property Sets------
Load Prop. Set Def. Styles
Prop. Set Definition Style
Adding Schedule Tables
Modifying Schedule Tables
Schedule Table Styles
Exporting Schedule Tables
Customizing and Tricks

NEWP19 - Dimensions
Dimension - Access
Adding AEC Dimensions
Modifying AEC Dimensions
AEC Dimension Styles
AEC Dimension Wizard
Dim. Labels - Overview
Adding Dimension Labels
Customizing and Tricks

NEWP20 - Areas
Areas - Access
Adding Areas
Modifying Areas
Area Styles
Area Name Definitions
Area Calculation Modifiers
Area Evaluations
Customizing and Tricks

NEWP21 - Area Groups
Load Area Group Styles
Area Groups - Access
Adding Area Groups
Modifying Area Groups
Area Group Styles
Area Group Templates
Customizing and Tricks

P22 - Layout Tools
Layout Tools - Access
Layout Curve
Layout Grid
Layout Volume
Modifying Layout Tools
Display Props
Customizing and Tricks

NEWP23 - Anchors
Anchors - Access
Curve Anchor
Leader Anchor
Node Anchor
Cell Anchor
Volume Anchor
Object Anchor
Modifying Anchors
Display Props
Customizing and Tricks

P24 - AEC Polygons
AEC Polygon - Access
Adding AEC Polygons
Modifying AEC Polygons
AEC Polygon Styles
Display Properties
Customizing and Tricks

NEWP25 - Blocks | Profiles
Blocks - Profiles - Access
Adding MvBlocks
Modifying MvBlocks
MvBlock Styles
MvBlock Display Properties
Creating Multi-View Blocks
Add | Attach Mask Blocks
Modifying Mask Blocks
Mask Block Styles
----AEC Content Wizard----
Create AEC Content Wizard
Applying Profiles
Modifying Profiles
Profile Styles
Customizing and Tricks

P26 - Utilities
Utilities - Access
Object Viewer
Quick Slice
Reference AEC Objects
Hidden Line Projection
Explode AEC Objects
Customizing and Tricks

NEWPX - Appendix
Tool Palette

Material Definition Styles
Material Definition Tools
Render Materials
Options Dialog
Links to other Sources


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