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  Architectural Desktop 2004 Development Guide.    

This writing, done in html, represents months and months of exhaustive investigation into the functionality of the tools presented in Autodesk's AutoCAD Architecture.  The work began for Architectural Desktop 3.0 and concluded with release 2005.  The Development Guide, 26 chapters with a preface, introduction and appendix represents just one of four guides I wrote for this product.  I also wrote a Pre-design Guide, a Presentation Guide (also free) and a Deployment Guide.

When I started writing, I believed that a new type of guide (something like an e-book) was a superior product because it could utilize hyperlinks and be updated regularly. The unfortunate reality was that the majority of our potential customers preferred a physical book and I started to look into converting the writing into PDF documents and working with publishers; both proved to be really difficult to deal with.  As a result I invested my time in content creation (eParts and eKits) which has been a far more successful venture.

As I give this work away I would like to thank those pioneering customers who purchased my earliest work and encouraged me to create better and better work.