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AutoCAD Architecture eGuides
Architectural Desktop 5 Development eGuide:
Current subscribers to our Architectural Desktop 4 Development eGuide now have access to the 4th edition of this guide.  To access this guide, purchase the Architectural Desktop 4 Development eGuide and receive access to both eGuides at no additional cost.  Though we have completed the updates for the ADT 4 Development eGuide, we have decided to keep the low "Special Price" for customers who are actually seeking information for Architectural Desktop 2005.  As you may know, the two releases are very similar and thus the material for ADT 2004 applies directly to ADT 2005.  This Guide applies to Autodesk® Architectural Desktop 2004 and 2005.
  • Volume 2 in our Architectural Desktop 5 series.
eguide-adt_3_presentation.gif (9511 bytes) Architectural Desktop 3 Presentation eGuide:
This long awaited and subscriber requested Guide has now been written with all of the information we have on Rendering in Architectural Desktop.   AutoCAD 2000 and 2002 users will also find this Guide useful in learning about creating perspectives, adding lights, shadows, materials, trees, people, backgrounds, fog, working with Xref'd Model files, Image References, Raster Printing and much more.  This Guide applies to AutoCAD® 2000 - 2002 and Autodesk® Architectural Desktop 3.0 - 3.3
  • Volume 3 in our Architectural Desktop 3 series.
  • Includes screen captures for every major subject - annotated, in color and run by the same toolbuttons you want to learn about.
  • Broken up into 5 major categories: Display, Render, Composition, Pre-Render and Post-Render.
  • Current topics covered in great detail: Views, Shademodes, 3D Orbit tools, Perspectives, Render, Lights, Materials, Mapping, Landscape Objects, Fog, Backgrounds, Scenes, Xrefs, Image Refs, Draw Order and chapters covering how to create your own materials AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop and Photoshop, how to configure for Raster Printing, how to build an ADT Rendering Template File for near instant results and much more.
  • How to Link Architectural Desktop Models with Viz 4's File Link Manager.
  • Recently Added - Part 14 on plotting with hidden line removal, resolution control with Photoshop, FTP software and ACDsee for slide shows.
eguide-adt_3_deployment.gif (3238 bytes) Architectural Desktop 3 Deployment eGuide:
The fourth guide in our continuing series written for CAD and IT Managers in charge of  installing, configuring, and managing a networked base of AutoCAD® 2002 and/or Architectural Desktop 3 - 3.3.  This guide has been written for small to medium sized offices running stand-alone licensed software and does not cover AdLM and network licensed software topics.   See list of topics below for overview of information discussed in this guide.   This Guide applies to AutoCAD® 2000 - 2002 and Autodesk® Architectural Desktop 3.0 - 3.3
  • Volume 4 in our Architectural Desktop 3 series.
  • Includes screen captures for every major subject - annotated and in color.
  • Topics: Installation options, Options dialog - Search Paths, Options dialog - AutoCAD Settings, Options dialog - Architectural Desktop Settings, Options dialog - Profiles and Desktop Icons, Printer/Plotter Configurations, Basic Template files, Advanced Template file concepts and downloadable example files.
  • Bonus chapter covers a detailed explanation of how to create a custom pull-down menu for automating titleblock insertion and sheet layouts.   Included with this chapter are all the files necessary to replicate this customization for your office.
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