AutoCAD/ AutoCAD Architecture 2014 running on Windows Vista

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The Problem

I guess I'm the problem on this one.  I'm still using Windows Vista 64; Windows 7 is already old and I don't know what's going on with 8 (is it for production use or playing with Apps).  I'm not inclined to make an OS move at this time so I was caught off guard when I downloaded AutoCAD Architecture 2014 and received an error dialog stating that my OS was not supported and the installation could not continue.

I guess Autodesk made the declaration that they no longer support Windows Vista around the time of release 2012 but I never paid any attention to it; especially since XP was and is still supported.  Surely, I figured, if it runs on XP it will run on Vista.

The Solution

After doing a couple of Google searches to see if anyone else had come up with a solution to override this silly dialog box alert, I realized I wasn't going to get any help.  Autodesk has done this type of thing in the past and there's always been a simple way to override it.  I started thinking about Windows XP and how Autodesk still supports that OS.  Then, it dawned on me that I can set the Properties of an Executable file to run in XP mode - see image above, right.

I set my AutoCAD Architecture 2014 (64) Setup.exe to Windows XP Compatibility mode and viola, the installer ran like a champ - see image to the right.

Does AutoCAD Architecture 2014 run okay under Windows Vista?



The End

I have not had much time to test AutoCAD Architecture 2014 on my Windows Vista 64 setup but it seems to run fine.  Given that it is supported for Windows XP, I can't see why it would have any problems under Vista.




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