AutoCAD 2012 vs. AutoCAD Architecture 2012
Strange Anomalies

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The Problem

Since I started using AutoCAD Architecture 2012, I started noticing that this release does not appear to be 100% of AutoCAD 2012.  In last quarter's edition of I wrote about the Group Panel missing in ACA 2012.  In this article I will share two more missing items.

In the illustration to the right I show how the Hatch Creation Tab shows the "Angle" input and slider settings under the AutoCAD 2012 Profile but not under the AutoCAD Architecture 2012 Profile.


Quick Access Toolbar Discrepancies

In the illustration to the right I show how AutoCAD 2012 offers the option to have the Workspaces listed on the Quick Access Toolbar but you cannot do this in AutoCAD Architecture 2012 even if you run it as plain AutoCAD 2012.


Plug-ins and Online Tabs

In AutoCAD Architecture 2012 I found the Plug-ins (or is it called Apps) Tab but it is completely blank.

I could not find the Online tab.

Perhaps I didn't install some options.  If anyone has these items running in AutoCAD Architecture 2012 please let me know.

The Solution

I have yet to find any solution for either of the two problems disclosed above but I did find a way to get the Group Panel into the AutoCAD Architecture Ribbon setup.  If you have any solutions or more anomalies to share, please let e-mail them to me.

The End

I have never liked the way Autodesk attempts to pass off AutoCAD Architecture as both AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture.  We really should be issued both products.  The differences are especially painful to deal with if you are developing custom solutions for AutoCAD with AutoCAD Architecture.




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