AutoCAD Architecture 2010 Corrupts 2009 Content Browser Bug

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The Problem

When you install AutoCAD Architecture 2010 it corrupts the Content Browser in AutoCAD Architecture 2009.  I discovered this problem (let's call it what it is: a BUG) about thirty minutes after I installed ACA 2010 because I had to get back to work on a project in ACA 2009.  Not knowing if my system had a unique problem, I submitted a report to Autodesk's Product Support. I should have known better.

Why is it whenever you ask technical support for anything they immediately assume you are a freak'n idiot.  Even if a lot of people are, what a negative point of view to start from.  When I notified Autodesk of the problem I had with my ACA 2009 Content Browser, I got the standard "Reinstall" answer.  Okay, so if I reinstall I lose all sorts of custom things and a lot of my valuable time.  I had explained that the reason I needed ACA was to continue being productive while I spend the hours needed to make ACA 2010 equally productive.

In poking around some more, I discovered that I had no i-drop capability on ACA 2008, 2009 or 2010.  Actually, to be more specific, I had no i-drop capability for Aec Objects but I could i-drop regular AutoCAD Content.  I'm working on Vista 64 so maybe that is an isolated problem but I figured that I would volunteer this information along with my thoughts on how this is related to the Content Browser issue and could have something to do with .net.

What I get is a long and tedious description on how to unload one version of .net and load another.  At this point I gave up.  I figured that eventually Autodesk would figure out that there was a BUG to be addressed.


On May 7, 2009 I found this on the Autodesk Discussion Board:

"If you have AutoCAD Architecture 2010 installed
side-by-side with a previous release, this may be related to a known
issue.  Specifically, Content Browser will support dragging and dropping
into a drawing in the last installed (or repair) version of AutoCAD
Architecture.  As an example, if I have AutoCAD Architecture 2009 installed
and then install AutoCAD Architecture 2010, dragging and dropping content
directly into a drawing will work in AutoCAD Architecture 2010 but not in
2009.  If you repair AutoCAD Architecture 2009, this functionality will
work again for that release but it will no longer work in AutoCAD Architecture
As a work-around, you can drag and drop the
content to a tool palette and then use the resultant tool to complete the
Tony Michniewicz
Autodesk - AEC Solutions"

Hey Tech Support, I'm so glad I didn't follow your advice :)

This is what I was trying to tell you, now work on it and don't make me jump through a bunch of ridiculous hoops like your personal guinea pig.

The End

I'll report back if there's more information on this subject; hopefully a simple solution.

August 2, 2009 - Autodesk has issued a Hot Fix for this bug.  The files that were sent to me are as follows:



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