Autodesk's VoloTM View Express

Since most of the work we do at ARCHIdigm involves electronic delivery and exchange, we are always looking for new tools to help communicate the work within our CAD files.

VoloTM View Express is Autodesk's latest venture into the browser world and it is basically a permutation of Internet Explorer; i.e., in our quick tests we found that it reads all of the files that I.E. does.  Of course it also reads some files that I.E. does not and that is this product's main purpose.

Volo-ve_1.gif (17605 bytes)

Autodesk has been providing an internet browser plug-in for I.E and Netscape called WhipTM Viewer.   This simple and easy to install plug-in has been a handy feature for managing our projects through our website, but VoloTM View Express expands on the viewing capability and allows viewing of numerous files including raw .dwg's.

VoloTM View Express is the LT of the Volo family and a more powerful viewing and printing product called VoloTM View has yet to be released.


Illustrated to the right, are just a few of the file types that Volo View Express can read: .dwg, .dwf, .dxf, .doc, .exl, .wrl, .htm, .swf, etc.

Of course, you will need to have some of these programs or plug-ins already installed to allow for viewing; i.e., Cosmo Player reads .wrl files inside Volo View Express when this player has been installed.

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Illustrated to the right, is an example of how Volo View Express can quickly change a .dwg or .dwf file into pure black and white or gray scale.  This feature is quick and handy for printing to laserjet's.

Unfortunately, printing is lacking one of the most important features we at ARCHIdigm would like to see; and that is the ability to print to scale.

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Illustrated to the right, is Volo View Express' pull-down menu and button tool bar. Volo-ve_4.gif (2177 bytes)
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Product: VoloTM View Express by Autodesk
Purpose: On and Off-line viewing and printing of drawing files in the form of .dwg, .dwf and/or .dxf.  View Restore, Zoom, Pan, Orbit, Layer and Color controls.
Intuitive Rating: Low Barrier. "no-brainer" for AutoCAD users.
Acquisition: Download or Order CD
Price: Free
File Size 15Mb
Native File Type none, it's a browser
Import .dwg, .dwf, .dxf + most of what your I.E. is capable of
Export Copy to Clipboard
Pro's It's Free. Views numerous file types. Drag/Drop support. Views 3D wire and shaded.  Everything is real-time. Open same file several times at once.
Con's File Size. No print to Scale. No Pan or Zoom in Perspective. No representation of Materials or Landscape Objects