Contributions from our Sphere of Friends

from Kurt Lavenson:

"About my migration to R14.....once upon a time I used LT and I took a class from a guy named Odin Cary who helped me use and understand the program....but he also helped me see beyond that program into the greater beyond....

I used LT for about a year and it was fine. I became good at it and I forced myself to do all my drawings in the machine. LT seemed fine to me because I don't do any autolisp or tricky stuff anyway. However, I wanted to use 3d and I wanted to have the convenience of 3rd party software. I was drawing everything manually--every line, arc & trim. I researched the situation and bought R14 along with ArchT 14 from Ketiv Technologies, up in Portland. Great combo! ArchT is geared toward architects and it is very "respectful" of the AutoCAD environment. That made it great for me because I did not want to lose my investment in learning AutoCAD commands, etc. ArchT just adds menus and functionality to R14, it doesn't change it or hide it like AutoArchitect does. I recommend ArchT to friends who are struggling with whether to use a 3rd party software because they are worried about learning curve time lost. They can load ArchT and totally ignore it if they want to. Then they can get to know it little by little or take classes. It helps with 2d production and 3d visualization. The Ketiv folks are also very good AutoCAD users & support tech's. If you're interested in knowing more about them, I can connect you with my contacts up there. I'm a big fan of theirs now."

Kurt has since gone on to creating, publishing and managing his own Web site. He used FrontPage™ 98 and we at ARCHIdigm think his effort, determination and progress is commendable. Visit his Web site and see for yourself Lavenson Design.