Architectural DesktopTM Wall Cleanup Settings

If you find yourself plagued by wall problems in ADT, chances are that it has to to with the Cleanup Radius Setting.  This setting is used to determine when walls should "glue" themselves to the next nearest wall.  Obviously a large value will make drawing walls easier, but then what happens when you want parallel walls very close to each other?  Red Wall Error Icons will happen.

Hopefully the following example will help to solve such problems.

Illustrated to the right are two parallel walls that are just far enough away from each other to clean up correctly and display no problems.  this is because the walls are beyond the Default Cleanup Radius of 1'-2" as set within ADT. wall_cleanup_1.GIF (16820 bytes)
Once the walls are moved closer together, the Wall error icons display. wall_cleanup_2.GIF (16963 bytes)
I have had the best success with this approach:  Select all of the problematic walls and Right Click over any of the selected walls.  This should reveal the Object Specific Pop-up menu.  On this menu, select "Wall Properties". wall_cleanup_3.GIF (10976 bytes)
On the Wall Properties Dialogue box, select the "Dimensions" Tab and change the "F. Cleanup Radius" text box value to a value equal to the width of your wall. wall_cleanup_4.GIF (30087 bytes)
Once this change has been made to the selected walls, the results will vary.  I have had identical conditions provide two different results based on this last change.  And, sometimes walls will express new or different problems upon reloading.  In the illustration to the right, I show one possible scenario where one wall is still displaying a Cleanup problem that is preventing the vertical wall from cleanly connecting to the bottom horizontal wall. wall_cleanup_5.GIF (6501 bytes)
To fix the problem described above, select the one isolated problematic wall and set its Cleanup Radius to a smaller value.  A good rule of thumb, is to always have a Cleanup Radius value slightly greater than half the wall Width; otherwise you may get no Cleanup as a result..

wall_cleanup_6.GIF (5429 bytes)

To set a better Default Value for Wall Cleanup Radius, select the Desktop pull-down menu and select Desktop Preferences.   On the Desktop Preferences Dialogue box, select the DWG Defaults tab and then look for the Wall Cleanup Radius text box; set this value to the width of your widest wall. wall_cleanup_7.GIF (34053 bytes)