Oh Oh, More Bugs in AutoCAD Architecture 2012

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The Question

Is it me or does AutoCAD Architecture feel like it's deteriorating.


The 1st Bug

I was recently working on a project where a fair number of Walls had to be drawn at unusual angles.  I like to Rotate my UCS icon and set the View to Plan when drawing many things at a specific angle.  After drawing numerous Walls with a UCS icon rotated to a new angle, I discovered some odd behavior with the Fillet command as it relates to Walls.

In the illustration to the right I show how the Fillet command will trim to the wrong side of two selected Walls when the Walls have been drawn to a unique UCS and the current View is set to match that unique UCS.

It may not be a big deal to many but because this project had a lot of angled walls, it really frustrated me and I had to use Trim and Extend.  In addition, though I can't remember right now, I have similar problems with other AEC Objects.



The 2nd Bug

I was recently looking at some new 2D Projected Elevations I created with AutoCAD Architecture 2012 and noticed something missing.  I was concerned that I had screwed up somehow in my Door Object Styles offered in my Doors eKit Product so I spend a good deal of time trying to figure out what I might have done.  Eventually I realized it wasn't what I had done, it was what someone at Autodesk had done to AutoCAD Architecture.

If you create a custom Profile for a Glazed Double Door and you make the glazed opening close, like 2", to the Door Panel, you'll lose the Swing Line in the 2D Projected Elevation.

The 3rd Bug

Only in AutoCAD Architecture 2012 have I ever experienced the loss of my cross hairs.  This tends to occur when switching from Model Space to Paper Space with one or more Viewports.  The cross hairs completely disappear but the screen cursor remains and can be used to pick on items.  It tends to happen with a lot of files active and after a lot of active working time.  The only solution I have found thus far is to close the drawing file and open it again.


The End

It will be interesting to see how AutoCAD Architecture 2013 performs.  I'll be keeping a close eye on more evidence of degradation and be very contemplative about my next subscription purchase.  AutoCAD Architecture 2012 was definitely not worth $600 (for a year of use) to me, even with the AutoCAD "improvements".




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