Architectural Deskop 3.3 Grid Bubble Bug

Um, it worked before

1Um, it worked before
Stretching and Moving Grid Bubbles - ADT 3.3 - Bug Solution

They may not call it a Bug but that's what I would call something that doesn't work right without a lot of tweaking.  And, it's what I call something that worked just fine in the previous release.  If you downloaded the latest Service Pack for ADT 3.3, you should find a nice long readme file with an explanation of how to fix this "known issue".  So, all I am doing in the illustration to the right is illustrating the solution because that's what we do: make things easier to understand for busy professionals who have better things to do than tweak their software.

The Stretch trick illustrated to the right may not work in Architectural Desktop 3.3 due to an error in the Display Representation Sets where anchoring prevents you from moving the bubble.  You can free the Grid Bubble for the current Display Representation by Releasing the Multi-View Block Reference for the Plan 1:100 Display Representation in the Display Manager window - see illustration, right.  Note that this is only a work-around and does not fix the error for other Display Representations ( which might require similar editing ) and this fix is at the cost of loosing the Display Representation for Multi-View Blocks at the 1:100 Display Representation.

grids_columns_labels_move_bugfix.gif (30198 bytes)
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