Merge Common Material Bug in AutoCAD Architecture

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The Problem

In the illustration to the right I show one of the custom entry door solutions offered in our Doors eParts product for AutoCAD Architecture.  This solution is based on a Door/Window Assembly Style that has trim around the exterior and interior faces.

Recently a customer informed us that he was having some difficulty generating complete 2D Projected Elevations; i.e., the trim was wrapping the opening correctly.

After numerous tests I finally figured out that the cause of this disappearing act came from the Merge Common Material setting found on the Other tab of the Display Properties dialog for the default Rendering Material Style.

The Culprit

Illustrated to the right I show the Other tab of a Material Definition Style and where the "Merge Common Materials" checkbox is located.  Make note of the fact that this is for the "General Medium Detail" Display Property which is the default Display Property used in AutoCAD Architecture when generating 2D Sections and Elevations.

The problem arose when one of our customers attempted to use a highly detailed trim profile.  In my tests, I found that when you use more complex profiles the results can vary from perfect to unbelievably strange.  Once I produced a 2D Elevation where a diagonal line appeared across the entry doorway and half the linework was completely gone.  I figure that in that particular error, the Merging of Materials was occurring across two opposite corners.

The End

In the illustration to the right is an example of how the trim should come out in a 2D Projected Elevation.  If you currently use our Garage Doors or Doors eParts products, and you find this problem, make a copy of the "Openings.Trim.Paint. Semigloss.White", rename it, turn off the Merge Common Materials settings and use it on the DWA's.  The other Material is still valid and works as it should on the regular Door Styles.



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