Adding Sound to Viz Work

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Do you want sound?

In this detailed explanation, excerpted from Elise Moss's book on Autodesk®'s Viz 4, you will go through all of the steps required to add sound to a Viz 4 file.

Download: vizsound ( 140 Kb )
                 ex6-3.max ( 757 Kb )

From the book:

Autodesk Viz 4 For Beginners

ISBN:  1-58503-101-1

Autodesk Viz 4 for Beginners: written by Elise Moss and published by Schroff Development Corporation,   This textbook is written to help beginners learn how to navigate the interface, set up and create basic scenes and animations. 

About the Author

Elise Moss
Moss Designs
21951 Bear Creek Way
Los Gatos, CA 95033
408.395.0855 voice
408.354.2496 fax

Elise Moss has worked for the past twenty years as a mechanical designer in Silicon Valley, primarily creating sheet metal designs.  She has written articles for Autodesk’s Toplines magazine and AUGI’s PaperSpace.   She is President of Moss Designs, creating custom applications and designs for corporate clients.    She is President of Silicon Valley AutoCAD Power Users, the largest AutoCAD user’s group in the United States. She is currently serving as a junior board member on Autodesk User Group International’s Board of Directors.  She has taught CAD classes at DeAnza College, Silicon Valley College, Evergreen Valley College, and for Autodesk resellers.

She holds a baccalaureate degree from San Jose State.

She is married with two sons.  Her older son, Benjamin, is currently studying electrical engineering at UC Santa Cruz.  Her younger son, Daniel, is studying architecture at West Valley College.  Her husband, Ari, is a computer scientist.

Elise is a third generation engineer.  Her father, Robert Moss, is a metallurgical engineer in the aerospace industry.  Her grandfather, Solomon Kupperman, was a civil engineer for the City of Chicago.

She can be contacted via email at

More information about the author and her work can be found on her website at

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