Architectural DesktopTM to AutoCAD R14 Conversions
Comments by: Odin Cary

If you are reading this tip, you have most likely discovered that AutoCAD R14 does not handle ADT files (with ARX objects) very well. Though ADT is basically an addition to AutoCAD R14, it does introduce new object types that have new object editors and what is missing in regular AutoCAD R14, is the ability to recognize these new objects.

This is why the Proxy Object warning dialogue box appears when you open an ADT file in regular AutoCAD. The objects must be represented by an approximation of what they really are. Well, looking at an approximation is one thing but attempting to work with it is another and this is where the real problems begin.

Fortunately, Autodesk has released a free downloadable patch for AutoCAD R14 users who need to work with ADT files. This patch will not only remove the annoying Proxy Object warnings, but allow you to work with and edit ADT objects. And for those of you who have ADT, the patch is available on your ADT installation CD in the "OBJECTENABLER" folder.

In my tests, I was able to copy, rotate and stretch walls. I was also able to copy and move doors and windows. However, I was not able to flip door swings.

The file is self extracting and self installing...about 2.6Mb in size and makes no noticeable changes to the AutoCAD R14 environment.

Autodesk - AEC Object Enabler

There is also an "IFC Import/Export Utility" plug-in available for ADT users that should allow the ADT user more control over the importation and exportation of objects between CAD programs.

We have not tested this plug-in yet...look for our tests in the second quarter of 1999.

Autodesk - Export Utility