ARCHIdigm's Ordering Process

To provide a secure and efficient ordering process for our customers and clients, we utilize the services of MyCommerce e-commerce secure web server and transaction services.

You will receive an e-mail purchase confirmation (receipt) of your credit card approval along with your Keycode that contains your User Name and Password separated by a "/".

The User Name and Password will allow you to access your content; look for the OSMOSIS logo or simply use the following URL: Allow between 1 - 4 hours for your account to be logged and your notification to be sent to your e-mail address.

If you do not receive this information by e-mail within the timeframe specified above, the e-mail may have been blocked by your spam filter.  Contact us for a non-automated duplicate e-mail:


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FAX, Phone and Company PO's accepted - just hit the Buy Now button for instructions.