Refrigerators for our Kitchen Cabinets eKit


A Parametric Refrigerator

As the Kitchen Cabinets eKit for Architectural Desktop evolves we continue to look for ways to improve it.  This month subscribers to the kit will find a beta copy of a portion of our latest work on refrigerators. 

Illustrated to the right I show an example of how we used ADT's native Curtain Wall Style to create a parametric refrigerator based on a popular manufacturer's on-line specifications.  Because the example model offers options for grills and doors along with variable grill heights, we designed solutions that match those manufacturer options.  You can start with the basic model and change options as you see fit using the Properties Palette.

One Size Fits All

Illustrated to the right I show how you can use the Height Grip to adjust the Grill Panel to match specifications set by the manufacturer.

Because this manufacturer based many of their model offerings on the same general frame, one Style can actually be adapted to produce a whole suite.

In the coming months we will issue more refrigerators from the same manufacturer culminating in the complete lineup of their models.  Subscribe now to begin using the model shown here.  To learn more about our Kitchen Cabinets eKit, read this >>>

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